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About me

My name is Marieke van der Spek. I have worked over 20 years as HR Business Partner within big international companies like Cirque du Soleil, Yves Rocher, Danone and Adidas group. My focus was to set up teams in organizations in the best way and more importantly, support leaders and employees to get the best out of themselves.

In 2015 my life changed completely when I went through a divorce. Everything that was certain became uncertain. It made me insecure and vulnerable but I decided to build up my life again the way I wanted. I moved to Amsterdam and slowly started to feel what I truly wanted. This moment was the moment to do what felt right. In my work I wanted change and true connection. Supporting people in their personal development. So I did an international coaching study (CO-Active) and finished it with my international coaching certificate. At first I thought I would coach within the safe world of adidas but a reorg directed me to start my own business in 2018. It was scary but felt liberating at the same time, this is what I wanted.

Life was good and I found love again, in myself and in my big love Eric.  

I have always lived in big cities like Rotterdam, on tour through Europa with a Circus, Montreal, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. I always thougt I was a city girl but since 2019 I live on a farm in the countryside just outside of Culemborg where I live with Eric and our two dogs. I enjoy and feel connected to nature as I never felt before.

I get most energy out of supporting people in (re) discovering their true self, their goals, talents and unique qualities and use it all in the best way. I believe everyone is, in the end, looking for this and I support this. So my mission is: supporting people to make full use of their talents and qualities so they live a a happier and more fulfilling life.

I'm not doing this alone, I work with people who share this mission and I connect with in a special way, so we reach and inspire more people together.