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Noor - session with plant medicine

If you are curious about the experience and ready for an inner journey, Marieke and Eric are without a doubt the right guides for you. Their personal interest and knowledge ensures a reliable, fine and safe foundation. On top of that, their incredibly welcome, warm, loving and welcoming energy creates a feeling of bedding. You're in good hands. They have a strong individual attention and do everything to ensure that you can let go and have a valuable experience. This is reinforced by the location of the farm, the facilities, the small details, the feeling of freedom that prevails, the care and attention in preparation of the food, the music and listening of Marieke and Eric. It is a natural and spiritual way to get in deeper contact with yourself. Every time is different, each time a different way of discovery and healing. For me definitely a recurring ritual that I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!

Jenny - session with plant medicine

There I went, to that beautiful place in the countryside. The warmth, hospitality and lovely guidance allowed me to make my inner journey freely and safely. I was someone who was strongly convinced that the feeling of 'awareness and feeling whole' was secretly and sadly not for me. And what turned out.... With a nice playlist in which you just let go and the comfortable, caring and relaxed guidance during the session, this became without a doubt the most valuable experience in my life so far.

Daniel - coaching

I came into contact with Marieke when I was not comfortable in my job at the time. After 17,5 years, I made the difficult decision to finally look for a new challenge and started working with Marieke. She was very structural and gave me the confidence that I was really going to find what I wanted. I have experienced it as very nice and supportive. Marieke brings out the positive in you. The sessions with Marieke were often filled with insights and very good evaluation moments. She supported me with useful tips & tricks to prepare for job interviews. I finally found what I wanted and am not only proud of myself but also grateful to Marieke. I can certainly recommend Marieke's coaching to anyone who can use support or guidance when creating change in your life and looking for a new work challenge.

Jos - coaching

I reached out to Fuel Your Talent (FYT) because I needed support in finding ways to get more energy from day to day activities at work and privately but also to get more self-confidence. The coaching sessions have helped me to create a better understanding of next steps in my career by focusing on my strengths and on what really drives me as a person. Since the coaching sessions I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone several times in my search for a more energetic and balanced work environment. I know better what I want and how to get there. Marieke guided me in the right direction. Not by giving me the answers, but by asking the right questions.

Anastasia - coaching

The coaching experience with Fuel Your Talent was without a doubt the most frightening, most unique, most rewarding and best self-discovery life journeys I've taken! Marieke's coaching opened a whole Pandora Box! With Marieke's step-by-step approach, practical tips and tools, she helped me find myself perhaps for the first time ever in my life! I am highly recommending Marieke's coaching to anyone that is ready to face life and their (darkest) challenges, to anyone that is willing to work on themselves and discover their true self! I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey from beginning to an end, it will most definitely be so much worth it!