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My name is Marieke van der Spek and I started Fuel Your Talent in 2018. I have worked over 20 years as HR Business Partner in a number of big international companies like Cirque du Soleil, Yves Rocher, Danone and Adidas group. My focus was to set up teams in organizations in the best way and more importantly, support leaders and employees to get the best out of themselves. Beginning of 2020 I learned working with psychedelics (plant medicine) and added this to my tool kit. Such a wonderful and magical tool to use in what I do.

I have a passion for supporting people in finding their talents and qualities and use them in the best possible way. I believe in the end everyone is longing for this.

So my mission is supporting people to fuel and connect to their talents so they create a happier and more fulfillng life.

I'm not doing this alone, I work with others who share this mission so we reach and inspire more people together.