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Director at adidas - coaching

I reached out to Fuel Your Talent (FYT) because I needed support in finding ways to get more energy from day to day activities at work and privately but also to get more self-confidence. The coaching sessions have helped me to create a better understanding of next steps in my career by focusing on my strengths and on what really drives me as a person. Since the coaching sessions I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone several times in my search for a more energetic and balanced work environment. I know better what I want and how to get there. Marieke guided me in the right direction. Not by giving me the answers, but by asking the right questions.

Manager - coaching

The coaching experience with Fuel Your Talent was without a doubt the most frightening, most unique, most rewarding and best self-discovery life journeys I've taken!

Marieke's coaching opened a whole Pandora Box! With Marieke's step-by-step approach, practical tips and tools, she helped me find myself perhaps for the first time ever in my life! I am highly recommending Marieke's coaching to anyone that is ready to face life and their (darkest) challenges, to anyone that is willing to work on themselves and discover their true self! I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey from beginning to an end, it will most definitely be so much worth it!