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Individual Coaching

We will get clear on what your aim is and work on your goals and questions. Our coaching will support you to get the best out of your life and fully enjoy it. You will be challenged to be honest to yourself, confronted with where you are stuck and supported in your challenges. Think of situations you are not happy with in your life or you are facing challenges at work.
We will use the method of Co-active coaching which is based on positive psychology and was developed by the internationally renowned Institute CTI.

Team development

When a team works well together it can achieve major results and it feels wonderful. We know this isn't always easy. All team members have their own personality, strengths and challenges. We take people outside their normal work environment and use DiSC (behavioral styles) as a starting point, This way the team members gets insights into their own and each others behavior. We support the team to learn new ways of communicating, learn from each other and build trust. At the same time we will work on real-life work challenges to bring the learnings into practice.